Safety & Security

Pelican Childrens Centre is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, Trustees and volunteers to share this commitment. We welcome applications from all sections of the community regardless of gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age. Successful candidates will be required to complete an enhanced DBS disclosure.
Entry to the Centre is through the gate at the side of the premises. This door is locked when the children are out to play.  Visitors push the buzzer and a member of staff will verify the person entering. All doors are locked and the Centre can only be accessed by using the CCTV entry system which monitors all visitors in the departments. NO cameras, or mobile phones are to be used whilst in the grounds or building.The front door remains locked throughout the day to prevent intruders.  CCTV cameras are used throughout the centre to ensure the safety of the children and staff at all times.  A member of staff will register your child upon their arrival,if you are visitng you will be asked to sign in the visitors book in the office or departments.

Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to leave the building with anyone other than those named by the parent/carer unless previous arrangements have been made. If parents make arrangements, by phone, the department will require the name address and telephone number of the chosen guardian and will require proof of identity on arrival, WITH A PASSWORD.

All accidents/incidents will be recorded and the parent/carer asked to sign the report on the collection of their child.

The Centre is regularly inspected by the Early Years Advisory Teachers from Plymouth City Council and OFSTED 

The Centre cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal property.


The Centre was designed to be child friendly and is set out to make sure, as much as possible, that the children are safe. The outside area has a high wall with a UPVC entry door, this has a top open up "Hatch" section which allows the staff to view the visitor before opeing the main door.. The garden has a safety surface plus awanings for the children to play in all weathers.  The nursery has a play area sectioned off by a wooden fence and gate.  This also houses a pram shed. Outdoor lights can be accessed by the departments when the morning and evenings become darker. A CCTV entry system with camera and phone which ensures everyone who visits the setting can be identified before they are allowed in.

Child protection is a high priority and we have a Child Protection Officer with specialist training. He deals with any concerns from the children, staff and parents.  He liases with the Local Gateway and Hub teams, Plymouth Safeguarding and child protection team, and has recently come on board with the CARA team.

Staff are not allowed phones or their own cameras in the children's areas. "Spot checks are carried out on all members of staff to ensure all policys are being adhered to.

Staff are aware of the signs and symptoms of abuse and of the procedures to follow ,they all understand the term "Whisle Blowing" and who to go to fr advice. Staff are continually updating their training on child protection.

Regular risk assessments are carried out across the whole Centre and a review of the accident/incident book is carried out monthly, or more regularly if there are concerns. Conerns are actioned and implemented immediately.


We carry out regular equipment checks in every area to make sure all toys and equipment which is used in the centre are safe for the ages and abilities of the children and that it is of good quality.

When equipment needs replacing, we purchase quality toys, and if it is second hand, it is thoroughly checked before being used.

The children enjoy free play and are supervised at all times to make sure they are safe. We have volunteers who maintains toys and equipment and the staff are aware that if anything is broken or dangerous it must be reported to the lead practitioner who will decide whether it can safely be repaired or disposed of.


The lead practitioner makes sure that the relevant number of staff are on duty at all times to safely supervise the children and that the adult/child ratio is maintained. 

The layout of the setting allows children to move from room to room whilst still being supervised. Staff are deployed in every room/area.
Staff are continually undertaking training in health and safety, and issues relating to this are brought up at weekly staff meetings and the Trustee meetings. The Centre has a health and safety policy which is updated regularly and is available to all staff, parents, trainees and volunteers.

The Centre has a work book which lists defects so they can be sorted as soon as possible. Daily risk assessment checks are ongoing and include socket covers, condition of toys/equipment, trailing window chords and kitchen safety – children are always supervised in the kitchen. Floors are non slip and corners are protected.

When children are left and not collected within a certain time we would try repeatedly to contact parent/carer/emergency contact but if not successful, we would ring the Gateway/Hub team.

If children need to rest they are constantly monitored while they are asleep with the use of monitors in the rooms and 10 minute sleep checks.

Risk Assesment

Before outings we carry out risk assessments making sure it is safe for both staff and children. Staff ratios are strictly adhered to. Children with special needs have one to one care so we work with Plymouth Inclusion Service to provide extra staff for these outings if needed.

All staff have First Aid Certificates and there is always a first aider on duty. Permission for outings is obtained when a child registers but staff always double check with parents/carers beforehand.


Children are reminded of every day dangers and staff talk to them about these. The older children talk about stranger danger. Our local community police visit and talk about bullying and street danger.

The Centre has monthly fire drill which is carried out at different times so all of the children have a chance to practice the drill. Evacuation cots and wrist bands are used by the nursery, whilst the Pre-school use hooped walking rings to guide the children along to the call point safely. There is also a fire alarm system, fire extinguishers and blankets which are serviced annually by Firewatch.


Medical administration forms must be completed by parent/carer, with information on the dose, time and make of medicine. After it is administered and  witnessed by a second member of staff, a copy is given to the parent/carer who signs to say they have received a copy. This informs the parent when the last dose was give so the child receives the correct dose.  Staff advise parents that if their child is unwell during the time with us, they will be called to collect their child.

Staff are expected to have up-to-date first aid training, for conditions such as diabetes etc. specialist training will been given by a Medical Doctor, Nurse or Health Visitor.

DBS Checks

All staff, trustees, volunteers and long term trainees undergo checks by the Data and Barring Service; we are registered with an independance firm to carry out these checks. No member of staff is allowed to be left alone with the children or allowed to take them to the toilet until they have completed a satisfactory DBS check and probation period.