Admissions, Fees & Funding


Pelican Childrens Centre is open to every family in the community. All children are welcome irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, language, culture or ability.

Application forms must be completed and returned before a child can be offered a place. Admission of children with special needs, either significant learning difficulties or significant medical status will be considered on individual needs and discussed with the parents /carers and the professionals involved in their care, as we want to make sure that their every need can be fully met..

A waiting list will be held if places are unavailable and we will contact the parents when a place becomes available.


Fees can be paid weekly or monthly in advance. Fees are required to be paid in advance on the first day of the week that your child attends the Centre. You may pay by direct debit, standing order, childcare vouchers or by cash.

Funded places, such as Me 2, and Government 3 & 4 year old funding is available to children starting the term after their 2nd & 3rd birthday, the current entitlement is up to 15 hours per week, or 30 hours for working parents, 38 weeks of the year.

If the child is absent from the Centre their place must still be paid for, holidays are charged at the normal rate, with the exception of two weeks at Christmas, these dates will be available to parents annually. During the weeks that the Centre is closed there is no charge. Days when your child is absent due to sickness are also charged at current rates.

Any additional sessions will be charged at current rates and need to be booked and paid in advance, and you are liable for these fees even if the child does not attend.

Parents may be able to benefit from the Child Care Choices on the Government web site to help with fees. All Fees are subject to review and may be increased at one months notice. Billing statements can be produced on parents request.

We have a strict payment policy

Kindly Note: Failure to pay fees may result in your child care being suspended and the oustanding debt handed over to our debt collecting agency.