Conditions & Policies

Medication Policy Summary

  • Only prescribed medication can be administered. Calpol and teething powders can be administered with parents written permission and instruction.
  • The Lead Practitioner must be informed if a child is taking any medication whilst attending the Centre, including any medication administered at home. If the child has a reaction we need to know so that your child can receive appropriate medical care.  First medicines are to be taken at home to ensure their is no adverse effect to your child.
  • The lead practitioner or deputy is to ensure that all medicine is suitably labelled.Only qualified staff are permitted to administer medication. The child’s name, dosage, and type of medication will be checked and then verified by a second member of staff.
  • All details will be entered into the medicine book immediately and signed by both members of staff.
  • Parents/carers must complete a consent form to enable staff to administer medication, on collection of your child a form must be signed.

Personal Information

All personal information is covered by the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be held by the Centre and used for the purposes of admissions. The information will be kept secure and strictly confidential and will only used for the development, care and safety of your child.

Please note the information will not be disclosed to any other organisation without parental consent other than for child protection issues, the local funding authorities or government agencies. If you require further information about how this data will be used, please contact the lead practitioner.

Notice Period

A four week written notice period is required if you decide to end your child care with Pelican Childrens Centre.

Payment is due for the four week notice period whether or not the child attends the Centre. Any outstanding fees must be paid on or before the child’s last day. All outstanding debts will be handled by our Debt Recovery Agent.

Pelican Childrens Centre reserves the right to terminate your childcare with or without notice.

Examples of why we would terminate your child’s care with or without notice include (but may not be limited to):

  • Lack of payment
  • Lack of parental co-operation
  • Lack of respect for the provider or other children, by the parent
  • Violence, physical or verbal, upon any person or child

If a parent wishes to change the sessions we would appreciate two weeks notice.  If we cannot meet your requirements you will be put on a waiting list until space becomes available. Normal fees will be charged until we can meet your request.