Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Planning and implementation of EYFS programme is an important part of everything we do, by training staff to be competent in their field, we ensure that they understand the importance of the curriculum of the Early Foundation Stage and how to plan, implement and evaluate for each child and to monitor their progress by means of a Learning Journey.  This contains information on the childs keyperson, days, sessions and terms attendance, likes and dislikes which has been supplied by the parent/carer. The learning  journey Trust statement , image consent letter, Nation stratagies on Speech and Language, two year progress report, daily diaries, Termly EYFS summary is used as a guide to provide children with the tools they need to grow and develop.  Each child is individual and learn in idfferent ways, so an initial assessment is carry out to set the plods for their learning journey with Pelican.  The learning Journey tracks learning and progress, it also identifies areas where they may need help and encouragement , regular observations, evaluations and planning will help celebrate their acheivements.