When your child has been offered a place at the Centre you will receive a parent’s pack and we will arrange a settling in programme. We encourage parents/carers to attend the centre with their child as many times as it takes to ensure your child feels happy to be left and settle in the daily routine.

Children feel and show a range of emotions when starting in the Centre, they may be excited, distressed, angry or curious, every child is different. Our staff are experienced in handling all of these reactions.

Staff will draw on their professional experience, whilst recognising that you are the expert where your child is concerned and will discuss your child’s settling in plan with you.

As children explore various activities, so does their clothing.  Aprons are provided for those that are particularly messy, but we encourage parents and carers to dress children appropriately for our environment and the weather for the day.  We do ask on sunny days you send your child with a sun hat and sun cream pre-applied. If they require a specific sun cream we ask that you provide this within the setting.

Please make sure all items are labelled clearly with your child’s name such as coats, hats and water bottles.

We provide a varied and vast environment filled with activities that enhance your child’s learning. And this sometimes means dirty knees and messy shirts. Just know each stain was a new experience that will shape your child’s future!

Please do not bring in items of great monetary or sentimental value. Whilst we will endeavour to return all items, occasionally items are lost and unfortunately Pelican Childrens Centre cannot be held responsible for them.

We at Pelican endeavour to provide a range of healthy snacks and drinks. Water is assessable at all times and we welcome children to bring a labelled bottle to refill during the day. Milk is provided at all snack times.
If your child attends out lunch session,  require the parents/carers to send in a healthy packed lunch and we will distribute and encourage independence by helping them t make healthy food choices.

If your child has any allergies/intolerances or strong dislikes, please inform us on their enrolment form or in person. If there are any foods or drinks you would not like your child to eat, drink or prepare, please let us know. All cultural beliefs are to be taken into consideration.

The centre requests that parents approach the Centre along Saltash Road and then turn into the street outside the centre. Please park courteously in the street and back lanes as there are residents who require access to garages.

After you have dropped off or picked up your children please leave along the back lanes which lead to Admiralty Street. This is a requirement set out by the planning department when we first purchased the property.

The Centre has excellent relationship with the local community groups and we work closely with the schools to make transfers less stressful.

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