The nursery comprises of a galley kitchen where healthy snacks are prepared daily, alongside three main playrooms where we provide a wide range of activities that are based around your child’s development and interests.  

Children are supported with their intimate care in a separate monitored area with both toileting and nappy changing.  We also aim to provide free flow play into our garden on a daily basis.

Our environment is warm, friendly and enriching for both staff and children.  Staff to children ratios within the setting allow us to help children become independent, self-confident learners.

Daily Routine


  • The children are welcomed to have breakfast if provided by parent.
  • The children are able to enjoy free play.


  • The session begins with an exercise activity of the children’s choosing.
  • The children can enjoy free play within the nursery environment, with free flow to the garden area.
  • Through the session the children are given the opportunity to join a small group up to our focused learning area where they will take part in activities mainly led by an adult.
  • During the session the children can independently access our snack bar where they are provided with a range of healthy snacks to build their independence skills.
  • Through the session children are supported with their intimate care with both toileting and nappy changing.
  • As the session comes to an end the children join into small groups for a story and singing songs of their choice.


  • The children collect their own lunch boxes and have the choice where they would like to sit in the room.
  • Lunch time is a sociable time where they can interact with peers and staff.
  • The children are able to independently choose what they want to eat from their lunch boxes with support from staff and have the opportunity to use various cutlery.


  • The children can enjoy free play within the nursery environment.
  • The children have an opportunity to eat what is left in their lunch boxes from lunch as a further snack.

About Pelican

Pelican started life in 1988 as a parent/toddler group where other parents could meet and support each other. The response was very positive and Keyham Barton Parent Toddler group was formed.  In 1989 we moved to the dining hall of Drake primary school. We opened offering morning sessions to 3 and 4 year olds term time.

Working Hours
  • Mon-Fri:8am – 5pm

    We are open for 38 weeks of the year, closed for bank holidays.
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Cards From School Leavers 2023

Cards From School Leavers 2023

Cards From School Leavers 2023

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